Web Development

A programming system of the internet used to program a computer is known as web. It was created by Donald Knuth to implement literacy. The term “web development” refers to the work done to develop a website. It creates applications which runs the web or operates the internet.

Web documents are formatted in a language known as HTML. It supports links to audios, graphics, videos and other documents. A web developer maintains and builds websites. The work is done by the whole team focusing on a specific project. A website can be made for different purposes

  • Building websites for your clients for their business, if you are working as freelance web developer.
  • As a hobby you can promote your sister’s cake shop by creating a website.
  • Working in a reputed IT firm you have to create websites and focus on updating it and meet the companies expectation.
  • For starting your own business and promoting it through a website.

Features of Web development

There are three features of “web developmentare as follows

  • Server-side scripting – It is a code on a web server that powers and execute the mechanics deciding how a website work with the help of programming languages like ASP.NET, C, PHP, Ruby etc.
  • Database technology – It helps to run a website without any hazards with the help of certain computer languages like MySQL, Oracle, Apache, Mongo DB etc.
  • Client-side scripting – It is a programming code that creates web applications which can be viewed from the user’s computer. For example : flash games, user data in cookies, CSS, HTML etc.