Web Designing

The process of creating websites is known as “web designing. It is a broader feature of web development. It surrounds different discipline and skills in the maintenance and production of a website. Search engine optimization, web graphic design, proprietary software, interface design, authoring, user experience design are some of the part of web designing. A person who designs and prepares content for a website is known as a web designer. The work of a designer mainly concerns the layout and styling of the pages which consists of texts, images and contents. The technologies mainly used by web designers are CSS, HTML and other web designing tools.

History of Web Designing

In the year 1989 Berners-Lee thought to create a hypertext project. In the year 1991-1993 World Wide Web came into picture. In the year 1993 Mosiac browser was created by Eric Bina and Marc Andreesen. The elements of graphic designing like sound and images came into picture as W3C was created in the year 1994 for leading the World Wide Web which broke all records of the other companies. W3C continued its standards throughout the years and can be with a special feature known as JavaScript. Netscape Communication, Netscape 0.9 browser which was earlier known as Communication Corp was formed by Andreesen in 1994. Netscape created HTML tags which could format texts on web pages as well as change background colors. During this period many new technologies such as Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheet and Javascript came into picture giving a good competition to browsers which resulted quick development of “web designing.

Web Designing vs Web Development

Web developers converts a website design into a functioning website by using different programming languages like CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP whereas a web designers work includes the beautification as well as the usability of a website through Photoshop to create visual elements and layout of a website.